Designing the future, together

Blending insight and tech to bring your ideas to life, from product strategy to data monetization. Solving for tomorrow, today.

We meticulously assess your product portfolio, charting a course for future development in alignment with your company’s vision.
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Product vision and roadmap
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • User persona development
We prioritise your product roadmap, leaving you with a clear roadmap that has taken all feedback into consideration, is in alignment with your product strategy and is broken down into small actionable steps so you can start making progress today. We can also manage your roadmap and development of your product for you.
  • Roadmap prioritisation
  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Management and Development processes
Ensuring successful launches that captivate your target audience. You’ll have an actionable Go To Market plan and support with content creation. Go To Market Strategy
  • competitive intelligence gathering
  • roadmap communication
  • content review and creation
If you’re sitting on a goldmine of data, we’ll unveil its profit potential, transforming information into revenue.
  • Data inventory auditing
  • Customer insights dashboard creation
  • Monetization opportunity identification
  • Data commercialization strategy
We demystify emerging trends and technologies, demonstrating how to seamlessly integrate them into your business to elevate your product offerings.
  • Technology landscape research
  • Proof-of-concept and prototyping
  • Architecture analysis and recommendations
  • Implementation roadmapping
Our team optimises internal processes, streamlining workflows and inter-departmental communication, creating the ideal environment for your product to thrive.
  • System and process analysis
  • Automation opportunity identification
  • Workflow optimization
We’ll scrutinise your technology toolbox, providing a cost-efficient plan while eliminating redundant tools.
  • Current stack audit and benchmarking
  • Modernization recommendations
  • Transition roadmapping
  • Vendor analysis and selection
Leveraging data effectively, we define and show you how to measure the success metrics for your products.
  • Goal setting framework development
  • Identifying key performance indicators
  • Analytics implementation planning
  • Dashboard design and reporting
Product and Data skills are hard to come by and the world of technology is ever changing. Want to enhance your team’s skills or get the latest on industry trends? Our founder will coach your teams through individual or group sessions, empowering them to navigate the future independently.

Pay as you go –

You might have your own product, marketing and engineering teams though additional expertise, an objective perspective or simply an extra hand would accelerate your goals.

There are days when your company needs:

Immediate assistance with a pressing challenge.

A quick sanity check before launching something new.

Swift review of product features.

Effective budget management.

Valuable guidance on research or strategy implementation.

Insights in Product, Engineering, AI, Data, Market Research and more.

If TODAY is one of those days, we can help. With our pay-as-you-go options, we can work together for an hour or a day, you’ll receive tailored insights and guidance precisely aligned with your needs.

Book a Power Hour

Use this time to get industry insights, get your burning Product / Tech / Data questions answered or review one of your content pieces for impact.

£180 (remote)

Book a Day with Today

Use this time for product marketing content review or writing, product feature review, some pre launch testing, or an extra hand.

£650 (remote) or £800 (in person)

Project Solutions

Navigating today’s complex challenges demands a tailored approach. We offer priced packages based on your support needs and project scale, ensuring you get the right level of expertise for your investment. From strategic plans to digital products, our transparent solutions empower your teams or provide an additional product resource, adapting to your unique requirements.


For those with specific needs:

Ideal for boosting revenue from a single product.

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For businesses needing a comprehensive approach:

Ideal for enhancing revenue across your full product offering.

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For those seeking a complete transformation:

Ideal for innovating and growing your business.

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