Who we are

Digital product builders/ Data divers / Strategists / Human centric / Trend watchers / Curious humans

Today Consultancy Ltd. helps you build digital products that customers buy repeatedly through actionable, and data driven strategies that you can start implementing today.

Founder and Lead consultant

Hi! I’m Mardien, the Founder of Today Consultancy Ltd.

I started this consultancy because I’ve seen that many businesses struggle to create commercially successful digital and data products. They often need specific expertise, guidance, or an extra pair of hands, but hiring full-time isn’t always feasible.

That’s where Today Consultancy Ltd comes in. With nearly two decades in market research and over 12 years crafting digital solutions, apps, and data products, I’ve honed my skills to uniquely equip me to bring your digital product to life. I’m also a contributor to initiatives like the Market Research Society’s Data Quality program, showing my commitment to industry standards.

At Today Consultancy Ltd, we’re not just building your product; we’re creating the ideal environment for its success. Let’s collaborate to make innovation your reality, Today

The type of digital products we cover include

B2C and B2B mobile app

Intuitive mobile solutions that enable businesses to reach and serve customers across platforms.

SaaS platforms

On-demand software providing scalable and flexible solutions accessible from any device or location.

Internal digital tools

Customized online systems that improve productivity and connectivity across distributed workforces.

Market research products

Powerful insights into target demographics, consumer behavior and emerging trends.

Online marketplace platforms

Robust ecommerce ecosystems facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers.

Data products

Platforms leveraging analytics, ML and AI to derive value from structured and unstructured data.

Artificial intelligence products

Self-learning systems that automate tasks and processes to enhance efficiency and output.

Digital transformation service

Consulting and implementation guidance for organizations undergoing transitions to digital-first business models.

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