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Today Consultancy is your compass in the ever-changing digital landscape, guiding your company towards a future of success. With actionable, data-driven strategies, we’ll make sure your products resonate with your audience, fostering trust and repeat purchases.

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.

Build a better future for your company

95% of new digital products released in a year will fail. Why?

They lack a solid concept (and often a poor strategy). To transform your concept into revenue, you need:

Stop worrying about your product’s direction and development. We guide your product journey from ideation to revenue.

Problems we solve

Your digital product needs a revenue boost, and you’re facing challenges on your own. Launching new products or features is complex, and ensuring your teams are well-equipped to market and operate them effectively can be a struggle. Ideas are easy, but successful product launches are not.

Elevate your product’s performance with Today’s comprehensive product review. We assess features, user experience, feedback, and usage data, providing actionable steps for improvement. A product review by external experts identifies quick fixes, ensures customer-centricity, and optimizes operations. We equip your teams with insights and plans, addressing revenue and efficiency challenges, making the most of your product’s potential.


Your business has data but struggles to turn it into valuable insights and profit.

This underutilization of data may hinder growth, decision-making, and potential revenue.

What you need is a data strategy that maximises data for efficiency and profit. We evaluate your data setup, identify key sources, and create a strategy aligning with your goals. If you have a data goldmine, we’ll unlock its profit potential through Data Monetization. 

The benefits include improved products, faster decisions, enhanced efficiency, and a deeper understanding of your audience.

Your tech or data-driven company is exploring AI integration, but the AI landscape can be overwhelming.

The AI buzz is undeniable, with numerous opportunities to stay ahead in your fast-paced industry. However, before you dive in…

Discover the benefits of an AI strategy tailored to your needs. Share your ideas, and we’ll assess AI’s fit for your business, pinpoint opportunities for ROI and revenue growth, and create a customised AI strategy.

An AI strategy offers diverse benefits, providing you with a competitive edge, enhanced personalised customer experiences, expedited decision-making, and significant cost savings through enhanced efficiency.

Your business struggles with the cost and effectiveness of its tech tools, creating uncertainty and potential problems.

This uncertainty can lead to wasting resources and holding back your business’s overall performance and competitiveness.

That’s where our Tech Tool Assessment comes in – a comprehensive solution. We begin with a deep dive into your tech tools, giving you a clear report on what’s working, what’s not, and what’s worth the investment. Tools that no longer fit your needs get a clear plan to phase them out. If you’re thinking about a new tech partner, we’ll guide you on what’s needed for a smooth transition.

Plus, we can handle the process of bringing in a new tech partner, making sure everything goes smoothly. The benefits are significant: saving money, improving efficiency, and getting more done – all helping your business thrive.

Not your usual consultancy.
We are with you all the way.

Holistic Nurturing

We approach things differently. You don't just receive a strategy or product; we help you create the nurturing environment for your product's lasting success.

Actionable Focus

We don't rely on 100-slide decks; instead, we focus on delivering actionable plans. 

Simple Clarity

Solutions made simple, steps made clear. Say goodbye to shelved plans tangled in complexity.


We value your time; we collaborate efficiently without inundating you with endless meetings.


Discovering the 'why' behind your solution enables us to create the best product that truly addresses real user problems. Whether fine tuning plans or building products we’re here for you. No hidden agenda.

High-impact services

Product Strategy

We meticulously assess your product portfolio, charting a course for future development in alignment with your company's vision.

Data Monetization

If you're sitting on a goldmine of data, we'll unveil its profit potential, transforming information into revenue.

Technology Stack Assessment

We'll scrutinize your technology toolbox, providing a cost-efficient plan while eliminating redundant tools.

Product Development and Marketing

Our expertise helps prioritize your product roadmap, ensuring successful launches that captivate your audience.

Operational Efficiency

We optimize your workflows and processes to create an ideal environment where your product can thrive.

Tech Trends Integration

We demystify emerging trends and technologies, demonstrating how to seamlessly integrate them into your business to elevate your product offerings.

How it works

1. Meet your expert

Meet with Mardien, Today's founder who has been creating products for over 12 years and has two decades' worth of Market Research experience.

2. Choose your package

Simple options

Short term or long term collaborations. 

No surprises. 

Choose the package that suits you.

3. Start it up

Understand your business, product and target audience.

Research market, competition, and opportunities.

Build your strategy. Option to build or guide your product.

Deliver actionable plan for immediate implementation.

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